New Branding? New Me!

Hi! I’m Michelle aka Rich Mich. It’s a nickname I was given by someone I was on a first date with who I asked for help with branding my new YouTube channel. He saw that I had a nice car, a beautiful home and was independent. When he said it I was reminded that I learned life is a matter of perception and how gratitude is the end to suffering. I know others will perceive it differently but I like how it reminds me of where I am in life compared to many people who are less fortunate.

Why I think I’m Rich:

  • I have my health and all my limbs. I can see and hear and think.
  • I’m debt free. I don’t owe anyone anything and have learned to live within my means.
  • I have wisdom. I can learn and adapt and overcome obstacles. I’m not afraid to make mistakes
  • I have relationships with family, friends and a happy, healthy son.

So I want to record my Rich life and all that I do, in hopes that future people will find this history useful. How many times do you wish you could go back in time? Maybe you should document your life too.

Portfolio – Dog Ontario

Another niche marketplace. For a WordPress website, this one has a lot of muscle. Sales are offered for listing businesses and events to create a community with a very specific audience. The blog allows for content including videos, podcasts, pictures, slideshows and anything else you can think of. Registration is simple and allows users to track which events and businesses they prefer as well as provide feedback as reviews and comments. Check it out for yourself at

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Meet The Wedding Pros Show

The Concept

Dan wanted to interview other business owners in the Wedding service industry to help couples save time researching and weeding through to enormous abundance of information available. This was also a great way for Dan to create connections and relationships as well as establish himself as an expert in the industry. You can listen for yourself by subscribing to the podcast on iTunes for your iPhone or Stitcher Radio for all other devices.

Services included:

  • Studio space and recording equipment
  • Graphic design for the logo of the show
  • Production of a catchy music intro
  • Editing audio files for publishing
  • Registering and publishing episodes on iTunes, Stitcher Radio and Libsyn
  • Hosting the episodes on Liberated Syndication
  • Distributing and announcing the show on social media and the Londonpreneur Network


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Portfolio – The Appliance Doctor

Start Up Website and Personality Video packages

Rick Chandler has just started his business and came to us for a need to create an online presence quickly.  We were able to build everything in house and saved him some start up costs by using a template website that fit his budget.  The video added enormous value here because it is able to show his light hearted personality which customers see as a very likeable and trustworthy guy to hire.

Other features include:

  • Button call to action
  • Embed video
  • Map outlining the service area
  • Accurate real life pictures
  • A blog for news and updates
  • Contact form and Google map for directions

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For more details visit

The Londonpreneur Show

I have been having a lot of fun in this new environment of becoming a new Entrepreneur in London, Ontario.  I have met so many people that its getting difficult to retain all the wonderful advice and knowledge that has been shared with me.  In an attempt to remember some of their wisdom and also to show my thanks; I came up with this idea to record the conversations in a podcast.

For full details visit


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