New Branding? New Me!

Hi! I’m Michelle aka Rich Mich. It’s a nickname I was given by someone I was on a first date with who I asked for help with branding my new YouTube channel. He saw that I had a nice car, a beautiful home and was independent. When he said it I was reminded that I learned life is a matter of perception and how gratitude is the end to suffering. I know others will perceive it differently¬†but I like how it reminds me of where I am in life compared to many people who are less fortunate.

Why I think I’m Rich:

  • I have my health and all my limbs. I can see and hear and think.
  • I’m debt free. I don’t owe anyone anything and have learned to live within my means.
  • I have wisdom. I can learn and adapt and overcome obstacles. I’m not afraid to make mistakes
  • I have relationships with family, friends and a happy, healthy son.

So I want to record my Rich life and all that I do, in hopes that future people will find this history useful. How many times do you wish you could go back in time? Maybe you should document your life too.

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